Tree Services

Resource Tree & Land places an emphasis on quality equipment and even higher quality employees in order to complete your job in a safe and timely manner. Our team of dedicated arborists are experienced climbers so we are very well suited to meet all of your tree service needs. Let us be your tree care resource! We service Columbia, MO, Ashland, MO, Jeff City, MO, and Holts Summit, MO.

Tree Care

Properly caring for your trees can ensure their longevity and survival while adding value to your property and saving the planet. Our dedicated team of arborists can help you keep your trees happy and healthy.

Tree Removal

Our dedicated, professional team of tree specialists are ready to serve the mid-Missouri area. We specialize in those hard to get spaces and no job is too big or small for Resource Tree & Land. Whether it is a huge tree in your backyard, or that little tree that just isn’t in the right spot, we are here to help you with all of your tree removal needs.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

We have many years of experience in the tree trimming, tree pruning, dead wooding, and tree shaping in the mid-Missouri area. We understand the value of our customer’s trees and have the equipment and training to ensure that your beautiful trees remain that way after we care for them. We offer spike-free trimming and pruning for your trees that are unreachable by aerial equipment.

Tree Sales

Looking for the perfect tree to compliment your property and add value and curb appeal for your home? Look no further than Resource Tree & Land. We have teamed up with a local Missouri nursery and hand picked a range of trees that are perfect for the mid-Missouri climate. Let us help you find the tree you’ve been looking for, and we can also help you find the perfect spot to put it. From picking the tree to planting it and caring for it Resource Tree & Land is here to help!

Tree Planting

A lot more goes into the planting of a tree than simply digging a hole and putting the sapling in it. From choosing the right spot, to proper care throughout the life of the tree, Resource Tree & Land’s dedicated tree service technicians are here to help the mid-Missouri area with all of their tree planting needs.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Removing stumps is a challenging task for homeowners. Not only are they difficult to remove, but they are an eyesore , and they are terrible to mow around. If you find yourself in need of stump grinding services then you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and in being your resource for all things tree service. Resource Tree & Land goes above and beyond in order to ensure your stump is ground to the desired depth, your surrounding sod is impacted as little as possible, and the grindings are cleaned up exactly to your specifications. We use a very versatile stump grinder with the ability to access most stumps with little ground impact.

After we grind and remove the stump we can re-sod your lawn so that you’d never know there used to be a stump there. Or, if you would prefer we can re-plant a tree there that has been hand picked to thrive in the mid-Missouri climate. With our low, affordable prices, say goodbye to mowing around that stump and say hello to a better yard.
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