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Resource Tree and Land is proud to offer a selection of beautiful, reliable, and affordable trees!

With Board Certifided Master Arborist Phil King and Certified Arborist Matt Tiemanns combined 36 years of removing, treating and planting trees, we have seen lots of reoccurring patterns of failure in selecting, planting, and after care of young trees. Costing homeowners thousands and depriving our community of healthy long lived trees.

Own program is designed to address these issues and set homeowners up for success.
  1. Selection - The right tree in the right spot is imperative.  Often times people ask what is wrong with my tree? and a lot of times the answer boils down to…..It just doesn’t want to live there.  If it were a pet dog, it would run away.  But since it has no option, there it stays, stuck in the wrong soil, water drainage, sunlight, and planted wrong, with a Sarah Mclachlin song playing in the background.  So we offer the right tree for the right spot.
  2. Size at planting - Everyone wants the tree to be as big as possible when planted.  This often backfires and always cost way more.  A slightly smaller but still large young tree, will establish quicker, and grow faster under the right care. Our trees range from 6-12 feet tall depending on variety and 1 to 1.5 inch caliper. Costing a fraction of the price and ending in a larger healthier tree.
  3. Health at Planting -  Our trees are selected by arborist and planted by arborist.  Giving you genetically correct, dieses free, properly pruned, and planted young trees.
  4. After Care - The first five years after planting are tough.  The tree needs a chance to establish new roots and adapt to new soil.  With out a careful eye, improper watering, nutrients, fungus, and pest can have your tree in decline quick.  This is why so many young trees die, and so many landscape companies only offer a one year warranty, which they rarely honor anyways.  For $80 per year we will come out and deeproot feed your tree in spring, helping build new roots, and health in the soil.  We will also check for fungus and bug damage, and treat while there in spring.  Then in mid summer we will come back out and do a health check.  If it appears watering is too much or too little we will let you know.  We also provide a step by step watering guide.
  5. Price -  $325 per tree.  This includes delivery, planting, and a mulch ring of raw arborist mulch. Cant beat that price with a stick. Pun intended.

Life time warranty-$80 per year.

Once the tree is vigorous and you feel confident in your ability to care for it, you can drop the warranty. Having a check up from an arborist twice a year is a big advantage, giving them the nutrients and protection they need can save you years of waiting for a mature tree. At any time during the warranty if the tree dies or declines to a point where it is unsuitable, we will replace with the same size tree we originally planted. While there for the checkup we are happy to check other trees and give recommendations if we find any health issues.

Varieties available for 2023-Over cup Oak, Swamp White Oak, Bur Oak, Northern Red Oak, Nutall Oak, Sugar Maple, Native Red Maple, Sunvalley Maple, Blackgum, Baldcypress, Hornbeam, Redbud, Dogwood, Serviceberry. Cresthaven Peach, Redhaven Peach, Auvil Early Fuji Apple, Gibson Golden Apple, Gale Gala Apple.

Order made by October 1st and March 1st save 5%.  planting starts last week of October for fall and last week of February for spring.

4385 State Highway E, Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 825-0515
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