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Published: January 9, 2020

Work For Yourself No Matter Who You Work For

In order for one to fight for something with all of their hearts, they must believe in the cause with all of their hearts. To work every day away from one’s family for someone or something can not effectively capture all of one’s heart. But to wake up every day knowing that your actions will better the chances of your future self and those you hold the dearest can.

Knowing that every second that passes by on that dreaded 8-hour workday clock is a second of meaning that can not be returned or refunded if misused and that’s worth fighting for. The true colors of so many labors have begun to fade away and turn into a number and that number is 401k. Spending years trying to coast by not upending the daily order while counting down the hours, days, months, and years until they get what they think their heart truly desires.

They are acting out of self-preservation and not future self-betterment. This is very sad indeed. Some of the most sought-after positions especially in the hands-on trades are fought for with great passion – young men and women bettering themselves in order to outdo the next is a beautiful thing. Then, once they achieve this position that provides all the comforts in life, so often they melt into a warm body casually going through the motions and quick to complain about the way things are done, but never to speak out when the opportunity arrives, for their one goal is to make it through the working years of their life without compromising their true colors I mean number. 401k.

By all means, prepare for your future with diligence and care. Ensure that your loved ones are cared for when your capacity to earn is diminished with age. But DO NOT trade in the best years of your life waiting to get a 401k cashed in as the years of your life diminish. Live to better your future self never to preserve and maintain the self you are today. The seconds that pass in our life have the same value at 8 am on a Monday when you are 35 as they do at 8 am on a Friday when you are 62. And when you open that first pension check remembers that you can not buy back the years that you coldly spent going through the motions waiting to get it.

People fighting with all of their hearts for something they believe in with all of their hearts is what gives MEANING TO TIME. On Monday when we get up to clock in let’s think of doing work with honor and integrity and give our time meaning and true color. Let’s think of our family as we better ourselves in our work. Think of every action as growth towards a future self that has a greater capacity to provide love and care to those who need it. Go to work for yourself in order to brighten your true colors not to preserve your future numbers.

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