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Published: January 9, 2020

Owner Operated: The Small Business Sweet Spot

There is a sweet spot in business that, in my observation, is entered into and left all too fast.  The point at which your craft is honed to a razors point, your passion is still on full tank, and your profit margins beat your competitors. All the while, somehow your prices stay lower. Resource Tree & Land at this moment in our journey can, with great pride, admit to being exactly at that point.  

I stayed up late one night watching a documentary about a book called the secret. I started thinking positively about things I want and wham bam thank you ma’am Resource is in the sweet spot!  Just kidding! I can honestly go right back to the moment that started the ball rolling to make Resource the tree service company it is today.  I had just got hired onto the right of way department at Boone Electric and Richard the right of way coordinator arranged for tree climbing champion Noel Boyer and a tree service business owner from Springfield, MO to come give a demonstration. Up until Noel opened my mind to what a true arborist was all about, my only goal was to move fast, work hard, seem smart, and get a promotion to move into the lineman department – which is what I had went to school for.  That day Noel gave a climbing demonstration that set my world on fire. I got off work at 3:30 that day and by 5 I had made a $650 dollar order from Sherril Tree (most of my savings). It was a starter kit to learn all the rope climbing techniques Noel had demonstrated for us.

I came home to my apartment at Forest Village off of S. Providence in Columbia, MO and there it was, the starter kit that took tree work from an entry level physical labor job to a craft and profession of pride. I immediately went outside set my rope and started climbing the Oak tree outside my apartment at Forrest Village.  I was surely considered a crazy person by all my neighbors, I’m not arguing that they were wrong. But from that point forward tree work became a craft to me.

Resource Tree & Land has become the tree service it is today by treating tree work as a craft. Now that we have grown to a point to be in that sweet spot I mentioned before the gravity of our next steps weighs greatly on us.  We are big enough to provide the best of service but still small enough to provide the detail and craftsmanship the homeowners of Columbia deserve every time we do a job. Going forward I hope to stay in this sweet spot as long as possible, having healthy growth while never compromising our craftsmanship.  We are not the biggest tree service in Columbia and may never be. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be one of the best. Logboat Brewery will probably never sell more Snappers than Coors sells Coors Light, but that doesn’t stop them from providing excellent service.

4385 State Highway E, Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 825-0515
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