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Published: March 24, 2023

It’s The People That Matter The Most

As of this coming July 17th we will have been Resource Tree and Land for 6 years.  I owned M&M Tree Service from 2011 to 2017.  Then I left my job as a lineman, changed the name to Resource Tree and Land, and took er full time. Its been the fastest, most terrifying, and gratifying six years of my life.  We have seen a lot of growth, some setbacks, and some fortunate streaks.  All in all having Resource Tree and Land where it is today, is a dream come true. I could try and equate our success to vison and planning on my part as a business owner.  But that could not be further from the truth.  On the business end of things I have basically made mistakes, and just outworked them.  But there is one aspect where I have absolutely…. hit the bullseye dead center!  That’s the people I work with and for.

Phil King is the real deal when it comes to an all around arborist, mechanic, and plant health technician. He was the first person to teach me how to do tree work, when I started on the Right of Way crew at Boone Electric.  To best sum up Phils abilities, I would say he is the result of Al Borland and MacGyver combining into one person.  For any younger people you will have to google it. He can fix anything and understands his craft top to bottom.  Always has his crew and his customers best interest, front and center. He is as committed and caring as any manager could possibly be.  Along with all the hats he wears here at Resource Tree and Land, he is also a husband, and father of three girls and one boy.  Phil is a hard working family man, and great example for all of us to be around.

Jeffrey Page is the most blue collar, get the job done the right way, no nonsense style of foreman I have ever met.  Yet still almost always has a smile, and is the first to crack a joke out of left field, to make us all laugh.  Jeff has an uncanny ability to organize job sites and position equipment.  His communication in the field, with the crew and customer is second to none.  Never misses a day in the gym, and out hustles men half his age.  Im not calling Jeff old, but the college help does keep getting younger it seems. 17 years of experience and he still always looks for ways to improve everything around him, and tackles every challenge, and job with enthusiasm.

Devin Savage is a local Mizzou grad, with a background in vegetation management, prescribed burn, and forest restoration. Devin has worked for Rock Bridge state Park, Minnesota Native Landscapes, and Nature conservancy of Central Minnesota. We could not be more happy he moved back to his home town and is working with us. Devin is on track to be a certified Arborist and will have an impact on the central Missouri tree industry no doubt.

Andrew Hill, has an incredible background in the trades. With experience in Line work, Tower climbing, construction, and tree removal. He compliments our crew skill sets well with his experience at height and comfort operating equipment. Andrew is also studying to become an Arborist. Talented, hard working young men Like Andrew and Devin give me high hope for the future of Central Missouri tree care.   Devin and Andrew both started this winter and are absolutely killing it and fitting in great.  Its kind of awesome really.

Last but not least we have our nursery manager and office assistant Sarah Taft. Sarah has seven years experience as a nursery manager in Columbia, with a BS in Landscape design from Mizzou. She compliments our crews skill sets greatly with her knowledge of landscape plants and plant care.

Along with an exceptional crew, I have a core base of customers, that believed in me when I had nothing but borrowed climbing gear and a 14’ flatbed trailer. I was 22 years old knocking on doors, to get jobs that I had no business doing yet. Each person that gave me an opportunity without any proof but my word, are the heart and sole of where Resource Tree and Land is today. People rallied behind RTL when I left my full time job. All of these people that I was working for on weekends and evenings, supported me so much more, than I could ever Imagine.  They share with their friends and family, they show appreciation and leave five star google reviews, 177…. not to brag.  So many people have gone out of their way to help RTL simply because they believed in us and what we stand for.  There are plenty of good tree services in Columbia, yet time and time again people trust us to treat them fair and provide quality work.  Its an honor that’s far to often over looked.

In summary, thank you coworkers past and present, customers, and mentors.  It aint a damn, computer program, equipment purchase, crafty investment choice, college class, or self help book, that keeps a small business afloat.   It’s the community that supports it. 

4385 State Highway E, Columbia, MO 65202
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