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Published: January 9, 2020

How to Save Thousands on Tree and Landscape Costs

Everyone has the idea of getting a nice 8’ tall 1 ½ inch caliper balled and burlap tree planted in their front yard with visions of pushing their future grandchildren in a swing hung from its majestic branches.  They go pick one out with the preconceived notion that any tree worth putting out in an established neighborhood yard needs to be 2” caliper with a burlap ball. Don’t get me wrong, these are exceptional trees especially when well cared for. The cost of these trees delivered and planted is on average $500.  We offer them for $400 planted and discount on volume but it is still costly no matter how you slice it. If you buy just the tree retail and plant it yourself it is on average $300 for a 2” tree. Since a balled and burlap 1 1/2” tree weighs around 400 pounds without the equipment it’s not worth the average homeowner trying to plant.

Here’s where I let you in on a secret. Tree farms dig their trees, ball, and burlap them, and send them out to companies like mine that in turn sell them to you for very large sums of money with surprisingly low-profit margins. They replace them with plants that are already a year or two old started from seed by yet another wholesale tree supplier. The tree farm grows the trees for two to three years, digs them out, and starts the process all over again. The trees come to the tree farm from the supplier in 3-gallon containers weighing in total about 20 pounds. The same suppliers also offer trees in 15-gallon containers weighing around 50 pounds. Those 15-gallon trees are only one to two years behind the balled and burlap trees.

Give us a call we can provide these 15-gallon trees planted with fertilizers and root stimulants to ensure a healthy start for $175 for one tree and $150 each for 2 – 10 and $100 each for 10 or more. We can provide high-quality trees in almost any variety you want. If you want the 3-gallon trees we can supply and plant them in the same almost limitless variety with the fertilizers and root stimulants for $75 for one $60 each for 2 to 10 and $50 each for 10 or more. If you do the math compared to the only slightly larger trees, it’s an easy call especially if you are buying large numbers of trees. Did I mention there is a 2-year 100 percent warranty on these trees? I encourage you to go shop around and make a pros and cons list on where to get your trees. You can have 10 trees planted this spring for $500 with a 100% 24-month replacement guarantee or you could have 10 trees planted that are three years older for $5,000 with little or no replacement guarantee.

With this offer, we are hoping to make the planting of quality trees possible in yards and on large properties that otherwise would be far too costly. If you must choose between a tree in your yard or making your car payment the yard will remain treeless, and if it is up to the average homeowner sourcing high quality of plants and planting with the right nutrients themselves just isn’t feasible either.  We have the solution. Give us a call or click here to contact us with any questions.

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