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Resource Tree and Land has teamed up with Henderson Implement and Husqvarna Automow!

Resource AutoMow a division of Resource Tree & Land is proud to announce that we have become the exclusive mid Missouri installers and field sales for Husqvarna AutoMow. 

Our team of experts will be available for a consultation at your yard prior to purchase and then the same team will be there to install after the purchase. With any unfamiliar piece of equipment there are always concerns and reservations. Our team at Resource AutoMow guarantees that if your mower is installed by us your yard will remain mowed to perfection!

Along with sales and install we are offering mowing services with the auto mowers. We are so excited to roll this out in full force next mowing season. Imagine your typical mowing crew, a large diesel truck with five unfamiliar guys or gals piled into it pulling a 20 foot trailer full of mowers, blowers, and trimmers blocking your cul-de-sac and making enough noise to wake every sleeping baby in the subdivision. Now imagine one Resource auto mow tech driving a Prius and coming around once a week to check on the automower and trim the sidewalk. Folks this is the future of mowing, and it’s here. The effectiveness and cost of auto mowers have now reached a point that switching over is a no brainer.

For information and a bid to have our auto mow lawn service next season give us a call.

Benefits and Features of Resource AutoMow

Effective – These babies work!!! Although it seems like new tech, these things have been in Europe mowing yards for over a decade.
Affordable – You can finance one for 48 months with 0% interest at a monthly cost of $50-$100 depending on the model your yard requires.
Eco Friendly – $4 dollars per month in electric costs to charge the battery.
Non intrusive – They are silent and you can schedule them to run at night.
Time saving – No more running out of daylight going to bed stressed trying to figure out when you can get the rest of the dang yard mowed. Spend your precious time off in the summer with your family not your mower.
Hypoallergenic – no more red eyes and running noses from mowing the lawn.
Good for your grass – Your grass will stay the same height all day, because the the auto mow continuously mows. That means no more thatch build up in the yard choking out the grass. Also, the smaller clippings are more easily broken down into the soil, resulting in better nutrients for the grass, meaning less need for fertilizer.
Convenient – They are smart phone compatible. For example: say the family is coming over for a backyard BBQ. Simply click on the app set the time you want automow out of the way and there you have it – it won’t mow during that time. If your out of town you can also check your app to make sure it is working. That’s much better than hoping that the neighbor kid you gave fifty bucks to really is mowing the yard before it gets too tall.

The list goes on but I think you all get the point.

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