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Resource Tree and Land is a team of Arborist dedicated to raising the standard of tree care in central Missouri.


Myself Matt Tiemann, and Philip King work together to run operations. We started working together in 2010 at a local utility provider in the right of Way department. Philip was a senior man on the first tree crew I was ever on. Luckily for me he tolerated my constant questions and mistakes and we grew into a great team. We worked weekends and evenings gaining ability, equipment, and customers while working full time at our Right Of Way job. In 2017 I made the leap to leave my full time job, and started Resource Tree and Land LLC. In 2018 Phil moved over to Resource Tree and Land full time. Having my mentor, and one of the most experienced and accomplished Arborist in central Missouri as my operations manager is a dream come true. We share the same view on, values and standards, translating to consistent high end tree care.
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Plant Health

We pride our selves on treating and planting more trees than we remove. Phil and I share a love and infatuation with trees of all kinds but especially large mature trees, we care for many of the largest and oldest trees in central Missouri. With my twelve years experience and Phil over twenty we have been able to see and address many of the health issues concerning Missouri trees. We have invested in state of the art Plant health care, Tools, training, and equipment. Its really a dream come to true to get to diagnose, treat and save trees for our customers.


We also pride our selves on tree removal, trimming, and planting. Our arborist and arborist apprentices, provide a comprehensive approach to what is best for the tree, the property, and the property owner. From Large Crane removals to small trimming and planting we have the right people, tools and education to perform the work at a high standard, maximizing efficiency but never compromising quality or safety.


Along side Phil and I, is our third longest tenured employee Jeffrey Page. Jeff is an experienced and well rounded Arborist, with 17 years in the field, and many of those as a residential tree removal foreman. Across the three of us we have 50 years experience. Its an honor to have Jeff wearing the Resource tree and land Logo for the last 4 years and many more to come.

We have two arborist apprentices that we are very proud of and excited for their future in the industry.

Devin Savage is a local Mizzou grad, with a background in vegetation management, prescribed burn, and forest restoration. Devin has worked for Rock Bridge state Park, Minnesota Native Landscapes, and Nature conservancy of Central Minnesota. We could not be more happy he moved back to his home town and is working with us. Devin is on track to be a certified Arborist and will have an impact on the central Missouri tree industry no doubt.

Andrew Hill, has an incredible background in the trades. With experience in Line work, Tower climbing, construction, and tree removal. He compliments our crew skill sets well with his experience at height and comfort operating equipment. Andrew is also studying to become an Arborist. Talented, hard working young men Like Andrew and Devin give me high hope for the future of Central Missouri tree care.

Last but not least we have our nursery manager and office assistant Sarah Taft. Sarah has seven years experience as a nursery manager in Columbia, with a BS in Landscape design from Mizzou. She compliments our crews skill sets greatly with her knowledge of landscape plants and plant care.

If you can not tell I am proud to work with these fine people, and for the amazing property owners of Columbia MO. Please read our Over 170 five star google review to get a feel for the service and care our crew provides to our customers.
4385 State Highway E, Columbia, MO 65202
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