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For those of you who don’t know, for the past six years Resource Tree has been M&M Tree Service. Columbia, MO has been kind enough to support M&M Tree Service to grow it into what Resource Tree & Land is today. So, the question that has been often asked is why the change. M&M Tree Service was started as a partnership between myself and one of the most knowledgeable and hard-working men in mid-Missouri’s tree industry Matt Cope who currently runs Copes Tree Service out of Mexico, MO. With his knowledge and Columbia’s support, M&M Tree Service took off. Eventually, I took over sole management of M&M and Cope went on to run Cope’s Tree in Mexico and we do jobs together from time to time still today.

M&M quickly became something greater than just maintaining trees to make money. With every new member, a new story and a new relationship formed this simple tree service company into a family and a platform for its members to excel. Members are individuals and families that either received services or provided them. Being something so much larger than myself I decided M&M needed a name that better fit its values.

Over the past year Resource Tree & Land has been fortunate enough to be able to expand our service communities to Columbia, MO, Jefferson City, MO, Ashland, MO and Holts Summit, MO. It is our wonderful customers that allow Resource Tree to spread out around mid-Missouri and provide a range of tree services.
Resource Tree & Land is a resource to its providing members as a way to have meaningful employment, that tracks and records the day to day successes and effort that are the lifeblood of this team. So many people go into the hands-on trades and are used up and underappreciated. While we love every form of education and self-betterment Resource Tree believes that the most meaningful degree of all is the one of a life of day in day out commitment to a craft, being a student of the world around you, and finding meaning and passion in every moment of life. Words cannot describe the fulfillment that comes from watching people write down and act on their goals and achieve them. Resource has a handbook system for its members that records daily contributions and bi-weekly goal setting and evaluating. The progress is entered into a handbook that is the members to keep forever. This handbook over time becomes a very powerful degree to show the world the passion and consistency brought to the daily life of its members. This will prove to be a valuable tool in future employment endeavors if they ever choose to pursue other opportunities. Resource is not here to hold its employees down and squeeze the value out of them. This is a platform to excel.
We are a very proud resource to our service receiving members. With the motivated office experts, arborist, and, aspiring arborist that make up the producing side of the membership, this part is easy. Every job that we receive is far more than a day of skilled and hard physical labor (which we love) it is a sign of belief in our abilities. The families of Columbia believe in us enough to entrust the safety and value of their property and homes. Out of gratitude for that and pride in our craft, we will stop at nothing to provide the highest quality final product. The friendships we have formed with Columbia’s home and business owners over past years are worth far more than the purchases of service they have made from us. Thank you for believing in us and giving Resource the opportunity to become the platform for meaning, happiness, and success it has become today.
4385 State Highway E, Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 825-0515
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